Engagement Analysis of Pratham Open School Videos

Objective: Understanding the effect of video features such as colors, objects, persons on the viewership of Pratham Open School videos on Youtube Concept: Using Computer Vision, identify objects, colors and number of persons in Pratham Open School videos. This data can be associated with the number of views of these... [Read More]

Assessment of Prosody Skills

Objective: To measure prosodic skills of children's oral reading Concept: To develop test tools for the effective and comprehensive assessment of prosody of children's oral reading in English as well as Indic languages. Issues addressed: Accurate perception and production of the ranging aspects of prosody are a significant component of... [Read More]

Automated Assessment of Personal Interviews

Objective : To provide automated feedback on personal interview videos/audios of youth Concept : Developing an android app that will take videos of personal interviews by youth, extract features from it, and generate automated feedback on their performance using Machine Learning models Issues addressed: Verbal along with non-verbal cues frequently... [Read More]

Knowledge Graph of Educational Concepts

Objective : Developing knowledge graph of educational concepts which can be used to build a video recommendation system Concept : Extract concepts from school textbooks and create a graphical representation of the relationship between these concepts Project Plan: Step Know-how Status Text generation for a concept using Wikipedia API  ... [Read More]

Free Text Answer Assessment

Objective : To automate assessment of short free text answers Concept : Developing ML model trained based on human-labelled answer evaluation dataset of short free text answers to provide automated assessment Issues addressed: Assessment plays a central role in any educational process, because it is a common way to evaluate... [Read More]
Tags: text mining